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suspicious-marshal-usage (S302)#

Derived from the flake8-bandit linter.

What it does#

Checks for calls to marshal functions.

Why is this bad?#

Deserializing untrusted data with marshal is insecure, as it can allow for the creation of arbitrary objects, which can then be used to achieve arbitrary code execution and otherwise unexpected behavior.

Avoid deserializing untrusted data with marshal. Instead, consider safer formats, such as JSON.

If you must deserialize untrusted data with marshal, consider signing the data with a secret key and verifying the signature before deserializing the payload. This will prevent an attacker from injecting arbitrary objects into the serialized data.


import marshal

with open("foo.marshal", "rb") as file:
    foo = marshal.load(file)

Use instead:

import json

with open("foo.json", "rb") as file:
    foo = json.load(file)