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non-pep695-type-alias (UP040)#

Derived from the pyupgrade linter.

Fix is always available.

What it does#

Checks for use of TypeAlias annotations and TypeAliasType assignments for declaring type aliases.

Why is this bad?#

The type keyword was introduced in Python 3.12 by PEP 695 for defining type aliases. The type keyword is easier to read and provides cleaner support for generics.

Known problems#

PEP 695 uses inferred variance for type parameters, instead of the covariant and contravariant keywords used by TypeParam variables. As such, rewriting a TypeParam variable to a type alias may change its variance.

Unlike TypeParam variables, PEP 695-style type aliases cannot be used at runtime. For example, calling isinstance on a type alias will throw a TypeError. As such, rewriting a TypeParam via the type keyword will cause issues for parameters that are used for such runtime checks.


ListOfInt: TypeAlias = list[int]
PositiveInt = TypeAliasType("PositiveInt", Annotated[int, Gt(0)])

Use instead:

type ListOfInt = list[int]
type PositiveInt = Annotated[int, Gt(0)]