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non-pep604-annotation (UP007)#

Derived from the pyupgrade linter.

Fix is sometimes available.

What it does#

Check for type annotations that can be rewritten based on PEP 604 syntax.

Why is this bad?#

PEP 604 introduced a new syntax for union type annotations based on the | operator. This syntax is more concise and readable than the previous typing.Union and typing.Optional syntaxes.

This rule is enabled when targeting Python 3.10 or later (see: target-version). By default, it's also enabled for earlier Python versions if from __future__ import annotations is present, as __future__ annotations are not evaluated at runtime. If your code relies on runtime type annotations (either directly or via a library like Pydantic), you can disable this behavior for Python versions prior to 3.10 by setting pyupgrade.keep-runtime-typing to true.


from typing import Union

foo: Union[int, str] = 1

Use instead:

foo: int | str = 1