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logging-redundant-exc-info (G202)#

Derived from the flake8-logging-format linter.

What it does#

Checks for redundant exc_info keyword arguments in logging statements.

Why is this bad?#

exc_info is True by default for logging.exception, and False by default for logging.error.

Passing exc_info=True to logging.exception calls is redundant, as is passing exc_info=False to logging.error calls.

Known problems#

This rule detects uses of the logging module via a heuristic. Specifically, it matches against:

  • Uses of the logging module itself (e.g., import logging;
  • Uses of flask.current_app.logger (e.g., from flask import current_app;
  • Objects whose name starts with log or ends with logger or logging, when used in the same file in which they are defined (e.g., logger = logging.getLogger();
  • Imported objects marked as loggers via the lint.logger-objects setting, which can be used to enforce these rules against shared logger objects (e.g., from module import logger;, when lint.logger-objects is set to ["module.logger"]).


import logging

except ValueError:
    logging.exception("Exception occurred", exc_info=True)

Use instead:

import logging

except ValueError:
    logging.exception("Exception occurred")