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if-else-block-instead-of-dict-get (SIM401)#

Derived from the flake8-simplify linter.

Fix is sometimes available.

What it does#

Checks for if statements that can be replaced with dict.get calls.

Why is this bad?#

dict.get() calls can be used to replace if statements that assign a value to a variable in both branches, falling back to a default value if the key is not found. When possible, using dict.get is more concise and more idiomatic.

Under preview mode, this rule will also suggest replacing if-else expressions with dict.get calls.


if "bar" in foo:
    value = foo["bar"]
    value = 0

Use instead:

value = foo.get("bar", 0)

If preview mode is enabled:

value = foo["bar"] if "bar" in foo else 0

Use instead:

value = foo.get("bar", 0)