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future-required-type-annotation (FA102)#

Derived from the flake8-future-annotations linter.

Fix is always available.

What it does#

Checks for uses of PEP 585- and PEP 604-style type annotations in Python modules that lack the required from __future__ import annotations import for compatibility with older Python versions.

Why is this bad?#

Using PEP 585 and PEP 604 style annotations without a from __future__ import annotations import will cause runtime errors on Python versions prior to 3.9 and 3.10, respectively.

By adding the __future__ import, the interpreter will no longer interpret annotations at evaluation time, making the code compatible with both past and future Python versions.

This rule respects the target-version setting. For example, if your project targets Python 3.10 and above, adding from __future__ import annotations does not impact your ability to leverage PEP 604-style unions (e.g., to convert Optional[str] to str | None). As such, this rule will only flag such usages if your project targets Python 3.9 or below.


def func(obj: dict[str, int | None]) -> None:

Use instead:

from __future__ import annotations

def func(obj: dict[str, int | None]) -> None:

Fix safety#

This rule's fix is marked as unsafe, as adding from __future__ import annotations may change the semantics of the program.