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f-string-in-get-text-func-call (INT001)#

Derived from the flake8-gettext linter.

What it does#

Checks for f-strings in gettext function calls.

Why is this bad?#

In the gettext API, the gettext function (often aliased to _) returns a translation of its input argument by looking it up in a translation catalog.

Calling gettext with an f-string as its argument can cause unexpected behavior. Since the f-string is resolved before the function call, the translation catalog will look up the formatted string, rather than the f-string template.

Instead, format the value returned by the function call, rather than its argument.


from gettext import gettext as _

name = "Maria"
_(f"Hello, {name}!")  # Looks for "Hello, Maria!".

Use instead:

from gettext import gettext as _

name = "Maria"
_("Hello, %s!") % name  # Looks for "Hello, %s!".