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blanket-noqa (PGH004)#

Derived from the pygrep-hooks linter.

Fix is sometimes available.

What it does#

Check for noqa annotations that suppress all diagnostics, as opposed to targeting specific diagnostics.

Why is this bad?#

Suppressing all diagnostics can hide issues in the code.

Blanket noqa annotations are also more difficult to interpret and maintain, as the annotation does not clarify which diagnostics are intended to be suppressed.


from .base import *  # noqa

Use instead:

from .base import *  # noqa: F403

Fix safety#

This rule will attempt to fix blanket noqa annotations that appear to be unintentional. For example, given # noqa F401, the rule will suggest inserting a colon, as in # noqa: F401.

While modifying noqa comments is generally safe, doing so may introduce additional diagnostics.