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bad-open-mode (PLW1501)#

Derived from the Pylint linter.

This rule is unstable and in preview. The --preview flag is required for use.

What it does#

Check for an invalid mode argument in open calls.

Why is this bad?#

The open function accepts a mode argument that specifies how the file should be opened (e.g., read-only, write-only, append-only, etc.).

Python supports a variety of open modes: r, w, a, and x, to control reading, writing, appending, and creating, respectively, along with b (binary mode), + (read and write), and U (universal newlines), the latter of which is only valid alongside r. This rule detects both invalid combinations of modes and invalid characters in the mode string itself.


with open("file", "rwx") as f:

Use instead:

with open("file", "r") as f: